I went to this advertising event expecting it to be like many others… It would include the usual suspects of the curious, the complacent, the self-promoting and the speakers.  The evening was heralded with a short description, but I was to learn that is was powerful.  The description read:

Come learn about the some of the most exciting technologies our industry has to offer from some of the most knowledgeable professionals in the space. We’ll be discussing mobile technology and the social media space (blogging, widgets, applications), how they relate to our marketplace today, and how they’ll affect it tomorrow.

My  plan was to arrive early, do some networking and get a good seat.  However, the event was sold out and I did not remember to make a pre-paid reservation 2 days prior.  Therefore I sat and waited like an outsiders with a dozen other people hoping for just enough “no-shows” to give us access.

Luckily, we got into the event and I found I could snatch up some pizza, cookies and soda just as the panel began to review this hot new area. Our speakers –

Melissa Bowden
Director of Sales, Clearspring Technologies

James Briggs
CEO/Co-founder, Briabe Media, Inc.

Raquel Krouse
VP, Social Media Practice Lead, IPG Emerging Media Lab

David Levy
VP, Strategic Development, Social Vibe

Moderated by:
Drew Calin
Advertising Sales Account Executive – Southwest, LinkedIn Corporation

I learned that our panelists wanted to hawk product for their company more than discuss the topics.  However sometimes it would break down into meaningful exchanges since you can only say your company name and products before the audience starts leaving.  Mobile Marketing was a promising tidbit. Mobile Banners are still more effective than online banners because  of the small space capable of supporting only one message per screen.   Or Dynamic Logic is successfully producing one question surveys inside the social networking space like  Facebook.. I thought if this works, I should using it.  All this was stuff was ultimate trying to talk about Content Strategy because that’s how the internet has evolved.  Here I am writing my opinion and I’m open to another person leaving comments.

So the advertising industry is coming full circle, because it’s humble beginnings were created and honed in a subjective environment. Then the internet and mobile with its profound metrics. And now, the internet has said “just talk to me directly”.

Marketers are responding with campaigns that are supported by User Generated Content that gives direct opinion on change.  Like when Airlines asked their frequent flyers to lobby congress last year to reduce oil costs. There are other times when companies create forums for consumers to offer suggestions for new programs.  Thus ask the consumer, poll his response and deliver new innovations.  This Converstional Marketing concept has its best chance for success inside the Social Networks.  The two will only survive working together.

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