At this point in the game, it’s no small secret to us Facebook connoisseurs that photos and visuals are the key to engaging our Facebook online communities. Pictures that are visually appealing are easy for us to digest, comprehend and, most important, to share.

Anyone can post a picture snapped from their iPhone and get a couple of likes if it’s something that their community really cares about. The question is: How do we make our photos that we post to Facebook really stand out from the other 4,000 photos that are uploaded every second? We’ve compiled a list of the best tools that can take your pictures to the next level when it comes to engagement with your Facebook community.


Are you a Mac user? Picktorial is an esteemed new editing application for Macs, allowing you to create breath-taking photography with zero experience necessary, and use Photoshop-level editing capabilities without mastering any skills. This could be the difference between uploading a mediocre photo your community and uploading something that looks professional and chic that could really inspire conversation. The app will also help you size and optimize photos so that they are the optimal images to capture your community’s attention. Make your photo shine and take out the nonsense in the background to really focus on the message you’re trying to get across.


Canva knows Facebook. It has layout designs aimed particularly for your specific Facebook photo needs. Canva gives you more than 1 million free images to start with and, like Picktorial, it’s designed for people who have no time and no experience. Canva makes it easy to create flawless images for whatever your community engagement needs might be. Planning an event? Hosting a giveaway? Have an inspirational quote you want to share? Canva’s got you. The program allows you to overlay images with text in flawless design so you can produce really high-level professional-looking content with much simplicity.


Do you have a lot of content you want to share with your community? Photos can articulate a lot, but if you want to tell your community, for example, about your increase in sales and illustrate the new things going on in your business, it’s easiest to share this type of bulk information through presentation applications. emaze provides a free public cloud-based platform that can take all of your photos, graphics and information to a real experience that your community will want to take part in. It’s a different experience — something that will catch your viewer’s eye and keep them engaged in learning about your new content.

emaze is also an extremely simple platform to use. You can choose from more than 80 different unique templates, or you can create your own, and it’s nothing like the typical PowerPoint experience viewers have grown accustomed to and bored of. You can feature 3-D walkthroughs, panning and zooming. The new method of transferring data is really catching on. The presentation can be easily shared with a link and can be viewed on any of your devices, so if you were planning on sharing a wealth of information with your on-the-go Facebook community, I would use emaze. I know within the communities I belong to, I would much rather get my information through a fun and interactive presentation on my phone then sitting scrolling through endless text.

The best and easiest ways to engage your Facebook community are to use the right tools to upload appealing content. These tools can make the difference between any other average photos being uploaded to Facebook and make your content stand out.

Readers: Have you tried any of these tools? Do you have any other tools you’ve used to make your pictures stand out on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.


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