Branding is Very Important

As a brand marketing yourself online, you understand that branding your messages is very important; how else would someone know they were your messages if they were not branded appropriately? Branding your messages makes them easy to recognize as belonging to you. Your brand can make sure that each message makes the right impression by making sure that each message you publish carries an easily recognizable, consistent, and appropriate reminder that your brand owns the content. Logos are a very important part of branding – but don’t stop there!

Video: Customizing Your YouTube Channel

Make Your Mark on YouTube With These Tips
You might be surprised to learn that there are several different opportunities available to brand your YouTube activities in such a way that they will be quite obviously and unforgettably yours!

  1. Remove any ads from your channel page – Removing
    the ads from your channel page will help ensure that the focus of your
    visitors remains on you. Otherwise, when visiting your channel page a
    visitor might be distracted and/or confused by the presence of unrelated
  2. Make sure that you have branded your channel page
    – You have a limited ability to customize your YouTube channel page; make
    sure that you have your brand’s logo as a part of your background image.
    You can also add some of your social media profile links to your channel
    page’s sidebar area, don’t miss out on that! Last, don’t neglect to add a
    solid, short-and-sweet description of your brand and what your videos are
    all about.
  3. “Own” your avatar – As with most social media,
    almost all of your activity on YouTube will be accompanied by your avatar.
    Your avatar is an image that you will choose to represent your brand all
    around the site; from large to pretty darn small, this image should look
    good and clearly represent your brand. It is an easy to secure opportunity
    to assert your brand and help people recognize your content.
  4. Brand your video tags – When tagging your
    video, you cannot forget to add a “brand tag” to the end of your tag list.
    While the last tag that a video has is not given a great deal of
    influence, having your brand name as a part of this list will help to
    ensure that any videos that appear along with yours in the suggested /
    related videos areas will be more likely to be your videos as opposed to
    someone else’s.
  5. Watermark your videos – A watermark is a small,
    unobtrusive reminder that your videos belong to you. It does not have to
    be large or glaringly obvious, it actually works better if it is not
    either of these things. Instead, place it in the corner of your video so
    it does not get in the way of your content, and rest assured that no
    matter where your video appears, it will be obvious to the viewer who is
    behind the content they have just consumed.
  6. Introduce your video with a branded segment
    Even something as simple as your logo, accompanied by a few special
    effects and a 5 second sound clip can serve as a great brand awareness
  7. Include the name of your channel in your video
    – If at all possible, include the name of your YouTube chanel in the
    introduction of your video. This is a great way to make sure that a viewer
    can find your channel when they view your video somewhere else, for
    example on someone’s blog.
  8. Brand your video endings – Send your
    viewers off in style with a branded ending clip. If you are on a tight
    budget, you may be able to use the same clip that you used in the
    introduction of your video. Just a little something to remind people who
    you are and where they can find you!

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