If you were at the latest OMMA conference or work in the Ad industry, then you’re going to hear this term “The New Socialism” around more.  Dave Morgan says, “there is a growing importance of social media and micro-blogging as a central means of online engagement — and the role of those services in tapping the $500 billion global spend on offline brand advertising.” What a bold statement! I also happen to agree with his view.

As we move forward, online media is recreating itself is numerous facets of sub categories.  I could become passé to call it online and instead we call it Digital. Micro-blogging is significantly different than blogging just as TV is different than radio.  However the Digital is moving to the forefront of all communication.  That means media isn’t shifting but in fact there is a metamorphosis into new categories that are making themselves more valuable than old.

Just look at the pricing models of newspapers vs. online news. I can subscribe to 100 different news letters for free, get more information than the LA Times and never get my fingers covered in ink.  What a world!  Well, it all means that I get more for less and so new price models must emerge.  The consumer is finally the winner.

So media will find new models to make new money and more money than the old models.  Information is valuable, but as the tidal current for advertising to evolve and stay current.

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