The Ad Agency Paradigm is changing every day and agencies interested in the next 10 years of business are evolving quickly.  The ways of the past by creating a brilliant TV commercial campaign are quickly evaporating.  But wasn’t it great to spend millions,travel to the four corners of the earth to shoot the commercial and then have zero accountability for results? Yeah, it was great just like following your doctor’s orders by phone to“take two aspirin” and call me in the morning.  We did it because that was the going truth.  The plan was effectively bolstered with Radio, Print and Outdoor.

This has all changed and traditional media is partnered with Social Media. Therefore nothing goes away, but the money is spread across even greater plans of communication.  Thus Advertising and PR are working hand-in-hand to create communication strategy.  We still have the creative concept, which helps the client achieve goals.  However the clients are smarter too and want an integrated approach.  They are expecting more for less and deservedly so…. Because we have taught them how more can be done online than with the good old TV commercial.  DVR penetration is higher than ever and not going away.

So it time we embrace the integrated approach.  We can look at Blogs,Viral Contests, Viral Videos, Twitterverse, PR Releases, Email and the most important mystical science of Affiliate SEO/SEM.  All of them working together for lifestyle products have a larger impact than traditional. Thus the TV spot, Outdoor board or Radio mention are now supporting elements rather than the lead.  We are reaching out to the consumer inside their online experience and asking them the scary question, “Do you like me?” And when you’re prepared to embark on the path of open conversation with the consumer, then you’ll learn what they like and how they want it.  This is very important  when tailoring your marketing strategy.  Changes need to be made,problems need to be addressed and today’s communication channel let’s you do it all.  Look at @DellOutlet or Best Buy @TWELPFORCE inside Twitter and actively searching for questions about their brands so they can actively answer.

Therefore today’s Online Strategy is proactive and not reactive.  This concept is revolutionary and there are tons or great tools… Just check out “10 of the Best Social Media Tools”. So we forge ahead looking for new ways to reach consumers while remembering you can’t just focus on one and expect the best results. Integrated approach and clever concept are the tools for the new Online Marketing Strategy.

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