Although marketers have grown to love using Instagram to promote products, one of the biggest criticisms of the platform, from a marketing standpoint, has been the lack of analytics and data options to help track and improve performance.But that all changed last year with the introduction of Instagram business profiles, which also came with in-built insights, including information on post performance, audience demographics and other key factors.

Used strategically, these insights can help boost your instagram performance – here are some key tips on how to use each of the Instagram Insights measures.

1. Demographics and Insights

Instagram’s business analytics tools include insights into your followers’ ages and locations, along with other attributes, like gender.

You can view your follower activity to see who,, in your community, is most active, which can help improve the timing and focus of your posts, and create relevant segments for your campaigns.

2. Check Your Website Clicks

Instagram’s analytics tools also give you a listing of website clicks – you can use this information to discover how many people are clicking on the link included in your profile.

If you aren’t getting many clicks, you may need to re-assess your strategy to inspire more engagement and action.

3. Reach and Impressions

Instagram also provides data on reach and impressions.

“Impressions” on Instagram is another word for “views” – one view counts as one impression. “Reach” is another term for “unique views”

Through Instagram analytics, you can gain insights into the number of unique post views, helping better focus your campaign on the most relevant – and resonant – content and content types.

4. Find Your Best-Performing Posts

As a marketer, you always want to repeat what yields the best results. Instagram makes that easier by enabling you to sort your posts by impressions.

You can now view the best-performing posts for the previous week or month to learn what your audience wants. This, again, will help you to create more engaging, relevant posts that your audience will love.

Instagram’s analytics tools make it much easier for marketers to get the best results from Instagram. There’s many ways to can view the metrics and use the insights in your process, but it’s important to ensure your data aligns with your key business goals, and to use th available tools to focus on the points that matter most for your strategy.


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