Pokémon Go interrupted an otherwise quiet summer week to suggest to marketers that the next big thing may be here. With usage numbers approaching those of Snapchat and an 11% penetration on Android phones, Pokémon Go has something real to say.

Marketing Land declared that “The past week will go down in marketing history as the point when augmented reality (AR) became a real thing”. Digiday provided a rundown of how brands were using Pokémon Go on social media and Bloomberg explained how local businesses were buying ‘lure modules’ to drive foot traffic. Some blogs had spotted the phrase ‘Sponsored.MacDonalds’ in Pokémon Go’s code and on Wednesday CEO John Hanke confirmed and provided additional details on monetization

The underlying psychology of augmented reality marketing was the subject at Silicon Angle. Econsultancy provided guidelines for entering AR marketing while Website magazine showcased some of the early examples of AR marketing apps.

So a summer diversion may be revealing marketing opportunities for 2017 and beyond, if marketers know where to look.

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